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    The overall wetland is said to be a central of Jinns. Lalbagh Central near Dhaka is zucking of the most secure place in Bangladesh. It was encrypted by Governor General Acquisition Hastings, and well it became the Development's residence. Mac Naghten, whose heat was transmitted as in Afghanistan. Siraj's development short stories heat is featured in his natural Bhoutik Golposhomogro. These industries of ghosts strike at professional.

    However, the doorways that claimed to have connected to Love sucking in sing buri had been sealed long ago by the British rulers after a mystical occurrence happened to an investigation buei. The team was searching for the Rencontres vous of the hidden passageway with their dogs chained by the team members. First they sent their dogs to enter the dark passage but when they pulled their chain they saw the dogs disappeared. The British rulers also sent some elephants in this tunnel, but according to legend, none of them ever returned.

    The famous Foy's Lake in Chittagong is known for its long-standing reputation of being haunted. People experienced two different kinds of female entities around the lake.

    Ghosts in Bengali culture

    One of them is a spirit of black shadowy woman, who attacked on people. Another is a spirit of a young woman who warned people of the dangers sudking the black shadowy female entity. Sukcing shadowy woman is reported to be seen mainly on the old side of the lake, sitting on the curve of two hills. Dhaka Airport Road also have legends of haunting for a long time. While driving on this road, people see a lady suddenly appear out of nowhere at the middle of the road, and while they push hard break to stop, they loose control and face an accident. However, the women seem to disappear completely.

    The woman is spotted most of the time in this road between Nikunjo and Biman office at night. Many people claim to hear a baby crying in midnight from within the graveyards. Very unpleasant odour is experienced sometimes. Many have reported that they felt as if they were being followed by an invisible entity at night while walking Can u hook up iphone to tv the Banani Graveyard. A group of paranormal investigators Dhaka Paranormal Society found all sorts of devil-worshipping signs and kind of scriptures written all over the walls at an under-construction apartment in Old DOHS Banani.

    One of the investigators had also been scratched by an invisible entity at that location. Flat number 8f of Sukonna Tower is said to be haunted by a little boy. The place has been empty for 3 years, and at times lights can be seen inside the apartment, but there is no electricity connection in that flat. Apartment in Uttara Sector 3, Dhaka: There is an apartment in Sector-3 which harbors a very ill-motivated spirit. On the 2nd and 3rd floor apartments, people can hear screaming sounds at night time. Some are also awakened from their sleep by objects moving and also having their legs pulled Love sucking in sing buri something invisible.

    Purbo Nayatola Rail Crossing, Dhaka: With the common crisis of missing infants, the rail crossing in Purbo Nayatola sprouted a mystery to chill the bones. A woman is told to wander the lines frantically looking for her son, and actually asking those who are present in the vicinity. With no confirmations of disruptive behaviour so far, this tale was confirmed when the rail master of the crossing himself faced this mysterious woman, their encounter concluding with her instant disappearance once he followed her. A second floor flat in an apartment complex on Dhanmondi road number 27 is said to be the place where an exorcism has been conducted.

    Vacant for over many years now, new tenants were unable to stay in the apartment for long because of numerous unusual occurrences, physical and psychological. The humble rumours originally begin with the suicide of a woman inside the apartment itself. Located at Bakshibazar in Old Dhakathere is a very eerie-looking temple in the boundary of a dilapidated Hindu house. There are various rumours associated with the century-old, derelict Hindu houses in and around Old Dhaka. Of this particular house, it is said that a white clad lady comes out of the temple at midnight and roams around the house.

    The pond adjoining Shahidullah Hall at Dhaka University campus is believed to be haunted. In the last 30 years, at least people drowned in this old pond. These deaths are believed to be caused by something paranormal because people who can swim don't usually drown in such small pond. Because of this reason, Dhaka University authority has put up a signboard mentioning that swimming and bathing are not allowed in that pond. The employee who put up that signboard has reported that on that night he had a nightmare where he saw an old witch with very long hair saying that he has taken away her food and that's why he has to pay for it. The scared employee left his job afterwards.

    This old building has been deserted for a long time because it is rumoured to be haunted. All people who rented this house have faced paranormal experiences. Many people have seen someone swinging in the swing at the downstairs balcony late at night near am. Moreover, sounds of people can be heard from the roof-top, when no one is there. It is heard, that many years ago the landlord's daughter who had mental health issues, committed suicide in this house and the paranormal incidents are happening ever since. This is among one of the most notoriously haunted houses in Dhaka since the s. People who lived and worked in that house have reported paranormal incidents, bad luck, and unnatural accidents in their lives.

    An exorcist also reportedly died in that house while performing exorcising ritual. The house is over a couple of hundred years old, and previously belonged to a Hindu tax-collector of erstwhile Dhaka district named Jagat Das. There are twin ponds called Bhobani and Rukshar, and rumour has it that there used to be a Hindu cremation ground in the spot of one of the ponds. With the land apparently being haunted by evil spirits, the whole compound is extremely infamous among the locals. People reportedly experience Nishir Daak Call of the Night Spiritand also seen a tall glowing figure of a woman with burning eyes climbing on a tree, who tends to attack her victims.

    The workers protested by demanding rapid action to remove a ghost, which some workers claimed had attacked them in the ladies' washroom, making them terrified and hysterical. Medical experts contended that the workers were experiencing Mass psychogenic illness. However, special prayers were held, and food was distributed among the poor to 'drive away' the alleged ghostly entity. The highway connecting Dhaka and Chittagong near Mirsharai, Chittagong has very scary haunted stories. At night, the truck drivers have experienced a real chilling experience while travelling through that particular spot.

    They have seen a person at the middle of the road waiting to take a hitch, and they ended up experiencing some kind of paranormal incident. The temple is said to be guarded by a spirit being who takes human form and appear to unsuspecting tourist after dark, and claims to be the Priest of this temple. Locals believe people never come back after being hypnotised by this spirit being if they are alone after dusk in this area. This silver sand beach has a reputation of being haunted. People complained that they have heard mysterious footsteps and eerie sounds of screaming near them. When they tried to follow, they found something actually trying to get them in the water.

    A couple explained their feelings of being watched all time when they were walking after sunset. The ghost of an old sailor has been seen by many tourists and local people. All of them saw the old sailor on his boat in the deep sea. Some people have claimed to see a number of sailors in their small boats in the sea at a distance. They claimed those to be apparitions as no one was reported sailing during those times. Rakhaine settlers believe this beach to be haunted. Fater Jungle in Kuakata is also a haunted location. Rumours among the Rakhaine people say that in the late s a father and son from Musullipara village at Kuakata went into the deep forest of Gangamati by the Bay of Bengal to collect fuel wood.

    At one point the duo felt thirsty. Customarily, both started to dig the sandy surface with their hands and soon hit something hard. As they removed the sand over Love sucking in sing buri small area, they sensed that they hit something precious for the emerging wooden structure glittered with golden decorative sheets. The duo, with their wood cutting machete dismantled the golden bits and then started to dig further for more. The more they dug, more of the metals emerged from what it looked like a very large wooden boat buried under the sand. As the sun was about to set, both decided to call it a day and left the place promising to return early morning the following day.

    But the daylight never came for the father and son. During the night both died under mysterious circumstances, prompting widespread gossip. Soon people learnt about the buried boat in the forest laden with gold. The unexplained deaths of the father and son, who had collected "gold" from the mysterious boat, triggered another rumour suggesting that the boat was cursed and haunted. Till today many people in Kuakata believe that anyone trying to explore the gold-laden boat would face the same fate of the father and son. The pathway is said to be haunted by the people who were buried in the graveyard. There is a cremation ground in Mollar Hat, which is also believed to be haunted.

    The marshy wetland is said to be a place of Jinns. There are three Hindu temples on the wetland, where different kinds of paranormal phenomenon happen. The visitors of BARD get an eerie feeling. Some smell rotting flesh and an old man is said to haunt the grounds. A huge farmhouse in Comilla is reported to have a lot of paranormal activities at night. Black shadow hits people and scratches them. Paranormal entities are seen by paranormal investigators and EVP recordings have confirmed the place to be haunted. Aliapur Village in Chuadanga: In every new-moon, from 12 to 3 am, a group of dogs circle around the Aliapur village. Many people have seen these dogs, but the strange thing is that they can only be seen at nights of the new-moon.

    Once a group of young men from the village tried to investigate the matter, and two of them were seriously wounded by dog-bites. They reported that the dogs walked in a line with the same pace. The dogs were dark black in colour, and their eyes had a kind of bluish tint. National library which is situated in Belvedere Estate premise is believed to be the most haunted place in Kolkata. It is only known for two things - first, its rare collection of books and the latter is - its haunted incidents. Regular visitors reported some eerie incidents about this haunted place.

    Some has heard the sound of footsteps coming from no where while others felt close breathing noise near them when they did not place the books at their right place. People believe it is the soul of governor's wife- Lady Metcalfe. She loved cleanliness and hated when somebody did not put things in its right place. In central Kolkata, there exists one of the oldest ghats, where dead bodies are burned according to Hindu rituals. It is one of such haunted places in Kolkata where people fear to enter in nights of Kali Puja when goddess Kali is evoked in late hours of night. Aghoris visit this place on late night hours and eat remaining flesh of burning pyre and use them to evoke occult powers.

    Located in a remote Santhal-dominated village of Purulia district in West Bengal, this station is reportedly haunted by a white-sari draped spectral, the ghost of a lady who was run over by a train there. She has been seen dancing on the platforms and wandering along the tracks, and the sight has allegedly caused the death of a railway employee. However, these reports were rubbished by the government and the station was reopened in after being deserted for 42 years. Metro drivers and passengers have reported to see eerie unclear figures passing the track, given, the track has a current of V. Legend has it that those are the spirits of people who died due to the suicides.

    Being one of the oldest cemetery and nature's beauty bestowed here, this place is a famous tourist spot in Kolkata. This burial ground was constructed inand most of the graves are of British soldiers. This place is considered spooky, but spirits do not annoy any visitor. There are only few reports in favor of this place being haunted. According to one, a group who went to take photographs, saw a shadow in white dress. Soon he got an asthma attack even though not being Asthmatic and the others had fallen ill. Mac Naghten, whose body was ripped apart in Afghanistan.

    Later, his wife had assembled the remaining pieces of his body, brought to Kolkata and buried here in this cemetery. Apparently, if someone narrates this incident near his grave, then huge tree above his grave shivers. There is a story about a race-maniac called George Williams, and his pearl white mare called 'Pride'. Pride was queen of tracks, and won countless races and trophies for George. George loved him beyond anything. In the lapse of time, Pride started turning old and weak. One day she lost the annual Calcutta Derby, and in the following morning she was found dead on the tracks. Since then, on moonlit Saturday nights, people may spot a charming white mare galloping across the race course.

    Although this building is still inhabited by some people, no one dares to live in the upper stories of the building, especially post-dusk. People feel creepy presence of the unseen everywhere while they are inside the palatial structure. Apparently, this place was originally inhabited by wealthy zamindars who would sexually exploit women in here—and, it is their souls which hover around this place. This is one of the most ancient buildings in Kolkata. It was constructed by Governor General Warren Hastings, and later it became the Governor's residence. Now, Calcutta University runs a women's college here. Many students have complained about spooky, paranormal incidents happening to them.

    Some claimed to see an old English man believed to be Warren Hastings on horse asking for some files while others have spectated the ghost of a boy who died years ago in the campus playing football. Writers Building was a residence of junior servants and administrative staffs. Today it is Secretariat of West Bengal Government. None of the office staff take the risk of working late evening here. People who live near this building often listen sudden outcry, giggles and screams during midnight. Number of countless deaths occurred here, either due to suicide or drowning accidents. Wrestlers who practice daily on Mullick Ghat and Zanana bathing ghat in early morning hours 3 AMsee someone's hands above water as if they are seeking help.

    People who fell in their trap and tries to help them never return. Dow Hill in Kurseong is one of the most haunted places in West Bengal. A number of murders have taken place in the Dow Hill forest that has left an eerie feeling in the atmosphere. Many locals have also heard footsteps in the corridors of Victoria Boys School during the December—March vacations, when no one is supposed to be inside. On the stretch that links Dow Hill to the forest office, woodcutters and labourers have reported seeing a headless boy walking for several yards and disappearing into the forest.

    The old, abandoned palatial house of a zamindar is believed to be haunted by the local villagers. Even many students are said to be afraid to attend classes in a school located beside its boundary wall. Various myths and ghost stories surrounding the ruins of palaces of Muslim nawabs, mosques and cemeteries are very much popular among local residents as well as among tourists. In popular culture[ edit ] Ghosts, other similar supernatural entities, as well as tales of paranormal powers such as clairvoyance, psychic phenomenon etc. Some classic literature and folk-lore are also based on such plot.

    The number of Bengali films of this genre are small in number compared to the western world. Some radio and TV programs also feature stories of people's paranormal experiences. Common people of both Bangladesh and West Bengal love the supernatural thrills, and the personal stories of people's paranormal experiences are hot topics for gossip, rumours and hangout discussions among friends and family. In the early days, ghosts were the only ingredients of Bengali folk-tales and fairy-tales. Lal Behari Dey has collected many folk-tales of Bengal, and translated them in English.

    His book called Folk-Tales of Bengalfirst published infeatures many amazing folk-tales associated with ghostly and supernatural beings. Other such story collection from the same author are Thakurdadar JhuliThandidir Tholay and, Dadamoshayer Tholay Some are mentioned below: Depiction of Betaal hanging by a tree and King Vikramaditya in the background. The hero of this series is King Vikramadityathe legendary emperor of Ujjain, India. King faces many difficulties in bringing the Betaal a demonic being to the tantric. Each time the king tries to capture the Betaal, it tells a story that ends with a riddle.

    If the king cannot answer the question correctly, the phantom consents to remain in captivity. If the king knows the answer but still keeps quiet, then his head shall burst into thousand pieces. And if King Vikram answers the question correctly, the phantom would escape and return to his tree. He knows the answer to every question; therefore the cycle of catching and releasing the phantom continues twenty-four times till the last question puzzles the king. He used ghosts in a humorous and satirical way in his novels and stories; and created a new genre in Bengali literature, which was pioneering, and is still followed today by many Bengali writers.

    He is one of the most talented author of children's literature of his time, and also noted for his ghost stories where the ghosts are harmless, fun-loving, and benevolent entities. This acclaimed writer has written some humorous literary pieces e. Satyajit Ray, the famous Indian film maker, was quite popular in Bengal for his short stories. His favorite genres were fantasy and supernatural stories. This noted Bengali novelist wrote a few horror short-stories such as Namaskar, Ke Tumi, etc. Well known for his novel Nishikutumbo, prolific writer and poet Manoj Basu also wrote several classic ghost stories such as Jamai, Paatal-konna, Lal Chul, etc. Parashuram wrote many other ghost stories like Mahesher Mahajatra which also impart an undertone of humor.

    Another notable writer, predominantly famous for his detective series featuring Byomkesh Bakshihas also authored a series called Baroda series. Baroda is a Bengali guy who is very much interested in the paranormal and likes to share his adventures and experiences of supernatural incidents with his friends. Sharadindu has also written some ghost stories such as Kamini, Dehantor, Bhoot Bhabishyat etc. This literary legend of classic Bengali novels has also written many short-stories among which a few are horror stories, such as Holudpora, Chobir Bhoot etc. Leading novelist Tarasankar also wrote a few horror short-stories such as Daaini, Bhuler Chholona, etc.

    Leela Majumdar wrote many ghost stories for children. Her ghost story collection features in her book Sob Bhuture. Although known for his social novels set in rural Bengal, such as Pather Panchali, Adarsha Hindu Hotel, and Aranyak, this acclaimed writer also wrote some excellent short-stories involving the supernatural, such as Medal, Rankini Devir Khorgo, Maya, Obhisapto, Chele-dhora, Kashi kobirajer Golpo, Bhoitik Palonko, Kobirajer Bipod, Ashoriri, and the first two short stories featuring Taranath Tantrik, etc. Undoubtedly a very compelling reason for taking a trip there. But for myself, I was more enthused to find the New Chalerm Uthai Theater - a certified classic among picture houses.

    The New Chalerm Uthai Theater can be reached by entering a narrow alley between two old shop houses near the town's central market. An old sign and marquee, devoid of lettering for a number of years now, hangs unassumingly above the entrance to the alley. In the morning hawkers convene to sell their goods and wares along the street. Lots of fresh produce and local handicrafts are for sale in the shadow of the New Chalerm Uthai's street-side marquee. Hawkers hawking Looking down the alley towards the theater Facade in site The all Art Deco New Chalerm Uthai Theater As I reached the end of the alley I saw it, towering above me like a ancient temple forgotten by the passage of time; a monument to the supremacy of the human mind, fortified by a wall of buildings on all sides.

    The lost pyramids of the Mayans; Ankor Wat, strangled by malarial jungle, they were flaccid finds in comparison to this. Just a man selling coffee and tea from a small shop on the theater grounds. Narrow area in front of the theater "There used to be a Buddhist temple on this land," said the man from the coffee shop. But it burned down years ago. Soon after, the government built this movie theater. It's been closed for about five years now. Would have been torn down by now, I suspect, if the land were privately owned, but since it's owned by the government, they let it stand, waiting for the right time to turn it into something else.

    Under Phibunsongkram's administration, Siam was renamed Thailand, the ethnic-Chinese community faced severe restrictions on cultural expression and the adoption of western-style dress and etiquette was encouraged. Many of his policies and political sentiments were made public through propaganda films screened in theaters like this one, though I don't know how many theaters his government actually built. According to the coffee shop owner, The New Chalerm Uthai, built in the early 's, was designed by the same architect as the Thahan Bok Theater in Lopburi; not a surprise judging by the look of it. Both share a sleek Art Deco look common throughout the world during that time, especially among government building projects.

    Since the New Chalerm Uthai was built on land once occupied by a temple, the land and the theater itself are owned by the Religious Affairs Department.