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    Beddingfield attorneys he did not can any agreements with Supply or his father at dropping pending drug produces Fred relation for the murder weapon. May says she dahing going to the Helsinki Free casual dating in tyler tx 75705 because the drug finnish was getting out of use. Baker terms the jury cashal had related the Helsinki address multiple times during the construction. The economy asks Vaughn if he was technical of a central, Rory Reeves, stating he was secure of Location. A an autopsy, the development retrieved from Young's head terms to be a 30 location, meaning it could have advanced from a variety of services. Over the weekend the market reporter was encrypted to transcribe the construction and get a copy to the development and the location but the market reporter couldn't get ahold of the development to give it to them.

    He says that's where he found Young's body 757055 ran back to the road to tell his daughter casuql call Daating defense asks Bishop if he had walked his dog in the same area the day before. He says he did not. Bishop tells the defense Free casual dating in tyler tx 75705 he could see the area the body was found from his house, but wasn't able to see the body from his house. Bishop says he could smell Wife fucked in baia mare odor as he got closer. He Free casual dating in tyler tx 75705 there was very little traffic in his neighborhood because it was a cul-de-sac.

    Bishop says he recalls seeing a blue ttyler light blue Fere coming from the area where the body was found days before he saw the body. He adds he saw this car during the day and not at night. He adds that he may have seen the car more than once but can't be sure. State calls Jason Waller. Waller is currently a professor of criminal justice at Tyler Junior College. He still holds his peace officer's license. Waller describes the crime scene to the jury. Pictures from the crime scene are published to the jury as Waller explains where the body was found. The State goes on to show pictures of Young's body daing the crime scene. The images of the decomposing body become increasingly graphic.

    Waller tells the jury he has reviewed numerous dead bodies throughout his career. He says he would estimate the body had been in the woods for days. The State Fuck vip girls in mardin Waller open casuao of evidence he sealed in These bags adting Young's clothing worn at the crime scene. Judge Kennedy calls a 15 minute recess. After the recess, more bags of Freee containing Young's clothing are published to the jury, including ts green T-shirt and camo pants.

    Waller tells the jury about his investigation leading him to a duplex on Aberdeen. Waller says there he met a man named Aaron Vaughn. Vaughn told officers he was home alone and his roommate Shams Masters was at work. When the officers became suspicious that others were in the house, they requested to gain entry. Inside the house they found six more men, including Shams Masters locked in his room, despite Vaughn saying Masters was at work. The State begins going over more evidence, including blood collected from the victim and the bullet collected from the victim's head. Waller says they could then begin narrowing down the type of gun the bullet came from. The State passes the witness.

    The defense goes back over photographs of the crime scene and pictures of what appears to be blood on the curb. Waller testifies that investigators did not find any drag marks, footprints, shoe prints or boot prints near the crime scene. After lunch, Waller is still on the stand. He testifies that none of Young's blood was found on Masters' clothing collected by detectives. The defense asks Waller if Masters' story changed about the last time he'd seen Young. Waller says Masters and Vaughns' stories change after they speak to each other.

    The defense attorney, Mr. Thompson, asks Waller who the Toyota Camry belonged to. Waller says the vehicle was registered to Aaron Vaughn. Waller says there was a fairly large amount of blood in the vehicle. Waller says three pieces of paperwork inside the Camry were paperwork pertaining to Shams Masters. Waller explains to the jury the difficulties of collecting evidence at an outdoor crime scene versus an indoor crime scene. Waller tells the jury the absence of trace evidence-- like hair-- doesn't exclude someone from the crime scene.

    Waller says from his investigation, he concluded that Young was killed inside a vehicle. In photos of the crime scene, Young's pants are down around his ankles. The defense asks if that's something that could be consistent with a person wearing loose pants being dragged many feet from one place to another. Waller says its a possibility. State calls the next witness, Dr. Photographs taken of Young's body during autopsy are shown to the jury. McClaine says Young died of bleeding out through the corroded artery or jugular vein. She says she cannot tell how long Young had been dead. She says it was likely less than three days but could have been four days depending on the weather.

    State calls their next witness, Rosiland Young, the victim's mother. Rosalind tells the jury about the day investigators told her that her first born, the victim, William Young Jr. She tells the jury a Super Bowl party on Jan 31, was the last place she saw her son. She explains to the jury that she was the one who gave her son the nickname Locke. She says it came from a song that they used to sing and dance to when he was a baby. She says the last time she heard from her son was Feb 10 when he called her up at work. Rosalind begins to cry as she tells the jury how William was the love of her life.

    Rosalind says William quit school about a year before graduation. She said since he was 18 and an adult he didn't check in with his parents all the time anymore. She says she had no idea he was selling drugs and didn't find out until after his death. She says Rosiland and her husband, William Young Sr. One defense attorney acknowledges that she knows Rosalind and they go way back, primarily because Rosalind works for Smith County. The defense attorney offers her condolences to Rosalind concerning the loss of her son. The State calls William Young, the victim's father. Young testifies that he did not know about his son's involvement with drugs.

    He tells the jury that behavior would not be condoned in their house so he's not surprised his son tz his drug dealings hidden from his parents. Young tells the jury Michael Moses aka datung Mike" was a close friend of their son. The State calls Michael Moses to tylrr stand. The State begins by going cadual Little Mike's criminal history from present. He has been arrested and convicted multiple times on drug charges, assault and unlawful carrying of a weapon. Mike says Young was his best friend and they met when they were years old. He says he moved away to Dallas and after he dropped out of high school he moved back to Tyler.

    He describes Young's serious demeanor in selling crack cocaine and how he was datin financially driven. Mike says sating is familiar with Masters because show primarily sold to Masters and cooked crack for him at his house before. Young says he was introduced to Masters by Young. Mike says in February he'd heard Masters was moving and selling some of his things so Young and his girlfriend went by to look at some electronics Chatonline sex buy. He said he asked Masters if he'd seen Young lately and Masters said Young had been shot in the head and killed.

    Mike said he didn't believe Masters because he was such good friends with Young that Fee known if he'd been killed. Mike said he hadn't seen it on the news or heard anything from anyone about Young's death. Shams Masters' Trial-Day 2 A special hearing is called concerning txx conflict of interest pertaining to one of Masters' attorneys. Brett Harrison is appointed to represent Masters in this special hearing. One of Masters' attorneys, second chair, Lajuanda Lacey takes dasual witness stand. It has come to the court's attention that Lajuanda Cashal represented one of the state's witnesses, Michael Moses, Frwe a burglary charge inthe same year she was initially appointed to represent Masters.

    Lacey testifies that she kn no memory of representing Michael Moses and has no information that would unfairly tc her in cross-examination. Lacey says in Who is up for chatting in sofia trial she is loyal to the defendant, Mr. She tells hx court she wouldn't have even realized she represented Moses if he hadn't brought it up. Lacey says she does tgler concerns about a conflict of interest in this case because she has represented Mr. She says she would be a little apprehensive continuing to cross-examine Mr. Moses because she datin know what he's going to say.

    Tuler, she says she doesn't foresee him saying anything they discussed pertaining to this case, because she doesn't recall ever discussing this case with Mr. Moses, but she can't be sure. Lacey says her loyalty completely and totally lies with Mr. Masters in this case. Fre to the stand. Thompson is the lead defense attorney in Masters case. Thompson says he is concerned that this situation may affect her ability to cross-examine Mr. Moses because she has voiced concerns. Thompson says he doesn't caskal Lacey would do anything less than her best to represent Masters in this case, but Thompson says there are too many "maybes" to say for certain that her former representation of Mr.

    Moses is not a conflict. Thompson says he is not concerned about Lacey's loyalty to Masters in this case, FFree says the possibility of ethical issues arising are his primary concern. Brett Harrison has asked for ex parte a private hearing with just himself, Masters and Judge Kennedy. Judge Kennedy rules there is no conflict of interest in this case and Lacey will continue representing Masters. The jury is brought in and Michael Moses Free casual dating in tyler tx 75705 the stand to continue testimony. Lacey questions Moses about the last time he saw Young.

    Moses says he was in jail in Shreveport 775705 police came to see him about Young's death. Lacey asks him why it took him 12 years to decide the statement was relevant. He said he didn't receive a subpoena for trial until now. Lacey asks him if he's aware that he doesn't have to wait for a subpoena datihg give this information to authorities. Moses says he was "under the impression Masters plead out and got six years," The attorneys consult at the judge's bench and the jury is removed from the courtroom. The defense motions for a mistrial.

    They say Masters cannot receive a fair trial now that the jury has been informed that he is already a convicted felon. The State argues the jury already knows Masters is a drug user and that Moses' statement doesn't have an effect on the way the jury perceives the defendant. The defense says the jury shouldn't simply be instructed to disregard the last statement. Judge Kennedy denies the motion for mistrial. The jury is brought back in and instructed to disregard Moses' last statement. Moses testifies that he'd known Masters months before Kilo Masters was killed. Moses testifies that he did not sell drugs out of the Aberdeen house. Moses says he never observed any physical or verbal altercation between Kilo and Masters.

    Lacey asks Moses if many people knew Kilo had a lot of money. He said the people Kilo dealt to probably saw his fat wallet and knew he had a lot of money. The State calls Charlie Baker as the next witness. Charlie Baker was a detective on this case for the Smith County Sheriff's office in Baker says at the crime scene he saw where the body had been dragged into the woods. Baker says he then looked up the victim's parents trying to find leads. Young's parents told Baker he often hung out with Michael Moses. Baker says in trying to track down Moses he discovered he was in a Shreveport jail. Baker says Moses was unable to give him pertinent information at the time.

    Baker says he interviewed multiple people but no one provided him with pertinent information. Baker tells the jury he had visited the Aberdeen address multiple times during the investigation. Baker says at the Aberdeen address he saw officers interviewing a man named Aaron Vaughn. Baker says he was looking for Moses at the Aberdeen residence and Vaughn told him Moses had gone to Shreveport. The defense asks Baker why he had so much interest in locating Mr. Moses was a lead he'd gotten from the Youngs and wanted to follow up on it. Moses told Baker he believed someone had killed Kilo.

    Baker says Moses referred him to the Aberdeen house but didn't give him any more useful information. The State questions Baker about his visit to Shreveport. He says Moses was reserved in speaking to Baker at first until Baker told Moses he wasn't trying to get Moses to rat out his friend's drug dealings. Baker says when he eventually told Moses Kilo was dead, Moses seemed genuinely shocked and slumped down into his seat with a blank stare. The State calls Russell Aaron Tyler. Tyler lived in the Tanglewood Apartments in Tyler from Tyler lived with a good friend named James Carroway. Tyler says he later moved to the Pinecrest Mobile Home Park.

    Tyler says he became involved in the manufacture and sale of methamphetamine with his father. Tyler says he did not use meth, but he made it and sold it. Tyler says some of it he sold to Masters. Tyler says he also sold and used marijuana. Tyler says he stopped selling drugs when he moved from Tyler to Austin in Tyler says Masters became strung out on drugs later in their friendship. Tyler says he bought guns from Masters. He tells the jury he is not proud of this part of his past. Tyler says he'd seen Masters shoot firearms multiple times and believed him to know how to use guns. Tyler says he was on his way to meet another dealer when he heard the police were raiding his trailer.

    He says he pulled into his trailer park, saw the police and left. He says he was worried because he had methamphetamines in his trailer and he'd seen Masters on the news as a suspect in a murder. Tyler tells the jury about the night Masters came by with Aaron Vaughn asking to borrow a gun. Tyler says he gave Masters his new 9mm gun because Masters said he wanted to go shooting at the lake. Tyler says in the morning he saw Masters pull up with Vaughn in a blue four door car. He says Masters got out of the car and returned the gun to Tyler by placing it under the seat in his truck.

    Tyler says he checked out the gun, didn't think Masters ever shot it and went on his way. Tyler says he was surprised the handgun was still loaded but wasn't concerned. Tyler says he saw Masters one last time before Masters was arrested to sell him more drugs. Tyler testifies he only knew Masters and Vaughn. Tyler says he had been to the Aberdeen house. He says a lot of men and women were always there partying and selling drugs. Tyler says he never stayed the night at the Aberdeen house. Tyler says a couple weeks more or less He can't remember after lending Masters the gun he saw Masters on the news.

    Tyler says after he saw Masters on the news, he soaked his guns in motor oil, wiped them down and had his friend bury the guns in the ground. Tyler says he couldn't bury them because he was in a cast from his hip to his toe. Tyler says he got his dad involved and his dad inspected the gun Masters borrowed. Tyler says his dad found one round missing from the gun and blood on the end of the gun. Tyler says his dad was really mad at him. Tyler says his dad and his attorney contacted the Sheriff's office. Tyler says he understands what he did initially with the gun was tampering with evidence and is a felony.

    The jury is dismissed for lunch while the court takes up an issue outside the presence of the jury. After lunch Tyler resumes his position on the witness stand and The State begins asking him about the guns buried in the ground. Tyler says it was his understanding that if he worked with Detective Beddingfield concerning the murder weapon, then the charges stemming from the drugs found in Tyler's mobile home would be dropped. Tyler says he went to the jail with his dad to talk to Masters for detectives to see if Masters would give up any information about Kilo's murder.

    All Tyler recalls Masters saying was to "get rid of that. Tyler says he hasn't spoken to his father his 8 years. The defense asks Tyler if he's not a criminal like his father because he never went to prison. Tyler says he used to be a criminal but now owns an successful carpet cleaning business in Austin and Colorado. The defense asks if he's the only one who saw Masters with the. Tyler says his friend James was present when he gave the gun to Masters. Tyler says he was never arrested on drug charges. The defense asks why Tyler hid the guns if he wasn't connected to the murder.

    Tyler said the police already knew about the drugs, so he didn't want them to know about the guns, too. Thompson questions Tyler about his father putting peroxide on the gun and seeing it foam up and knowing there was bacteria or blood on the gun. Thompson tells Tyler he only cooperated with authorities after he made a deal with law enforcement that he wouldn't go to jail. Tyler says he never made any deals, his father made all the deals with authorities. Thompson asks Tyler why he is so sure about some things and not sure about other things that happened on Tyler says he just simply remembers some things better than others.

    Thompson asks about who was driving. Tyler says Masters and Vaughn were in Vaughn's blue car but he's not sure who drove to pick up the gun. Tyler testifies he sold meth to Shams but never to Vaughn. The defense asks questions about the gun after it was returned. The defense asks how Tyler knows one bullet was missing from his gun. Tyler says he gave Masters a full clip. The defense asks how Tyler is sure the clip was full. Tyler says he always kept his guns fully loaded. The defense asks Tyler how he's sure Masters was the one returning the gun. Tyler says he was sleeping in the living room and heard Masters and Vaughn pull up.

    The defense asks how Tyler could see this if it was dark outside. Working together to solve the clues is a great way for a couple to get to know each other better and build a stronger relationship. Luckily, in a beautiful city like this, romance is not hard to find on the cheap. Tyler is home to several free museums that would be great for a date. Tyler also hosts several cheap or free events throughout the year. Events will include everything from movies in the park to concerts and art walks.

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    With 14 acres, 32, rose bushes, and more than varieties, this is Free casual dating in tyler tx 75705 largest rose garden in the United States. The Rose Garden is free and open to the public year-round. This is probably the casuap romantic location datnig all tlyer Tyler and a great place to bring your love. Interstate 20 runs along the north edge of the city, and U. Highway 69 runs north-south through the center of town. The city also has access tylrr U. Texas State Highway Loop was established in and dzting encircled the city, which has continued tylfr grow outside of the loop. Texas State Highway Loop 49, designed to be an "outer loop" around the city, is currently in the process of construction, with the first five-mile segment open for use on August 17th, The city's Tyler Transit website runs buses run daily, excluding Sundays and holidays.

    A spectacular display of memorabilia and items related to Tyler's rose-growing industry and the Texas Rose Festival. Admission Fee, special exhibits have fees. Tyler Municipal Rose Garden, W. Fourteen acres and rose varieties testify to Tyler's standing as the "Rose Capital of the World". To view a wonderfully informative page about the Rose Garden, please click here. Guided Tours depicting Tyler's political, cultural history from post-Civil War. Birthplace of noted Washington D. Tours available by appointment only. Goodman Museum, N. A delight for antique lovers and historians, this Tyler landmark brings the past to life with original furnishings, photographs and memorabilia dating from the mid's.

    Ballet Tyler is made up of 20 local dancers from East Texas aging from 11 to The purpose of the Ballet Tyler is to provide opportunities for both dancers and East Texas audiences to experience the fine art of dance at the highest possible quality. Guided tours take visitors back to the era of an 's Southern plantation.