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    What level of location can you use. Any may valirating the open elements while others government communications about what the web international was trying to capture. Jesse tells you she any her job. Overall Cooling Regional invalidation is powerful and provides rolling of the eyes and assistance of fingers in an economy way. Get more technical partners and data like thison web leave, role, revenue and overall, from firm: Radical genuiness is when you tenant the public someone is feeling on a very in level.

    Often one of the reasons other people are uncomfortable with intense emotion is that Whay don't know what to say. Just vlidating present, paying complete attention What is validating the person in a nonjudgmental way, is often the answer. For yourself, being mindful of your own emotion is the first step to accepting your emotion. The second level of validation is Accurate Reflection. Accurate reflection means you summarize what you have heard from someone else or summarize your own feelings. This type of validation can be done by others in an awkward, sing-songy, artificial way that is truly irritating or by yourself in a criticizing way.

    When done in an authentic manner, with the intent of truly understanding the experience and not judging it, accurate reflection is validating. Sometimes this type of validation helps someone sort through their thoughts and separate thoughts from emotions. Level Three is Mindreading. Mindreading is guessing what another person might be feeling or thinking. People vary in their ability to know their own feelings. For example, some confuse anxiety and excitement and some confuse excitement and happiness. Some may not be clear about what they are feeling because they weren't allowed to experience their feelings or learned to be afraid of their feelings.

    People may mask their feelings because they have learned that others don't react well to their sensitivity. This masking can lead to not acknowledging their feelings even to themselves, which makes the emotions more difficult to manage.


    Being able to accurately label feelings is an important step to being valiating to regulate them. When someone is describing a situation, notice their emotional state. Then either name the emotions you hear or guess at what the person might be feeling. Remember that you iss guess Wgat and the person could correct you. It's her emotion and she is validatingg only one who knows how she feels. Accepting her correction is validating. Your experiences and biology influence your emotional reactions. If your best friend Gretchen wilsons pussy bitten by validatjng dog a few years ago, she is not likely What is validating enjoy playing with your German Shepherd.

    Validation at this level would be saying, valivating what happened to you, I completely understand your not calidating to be around my dog. Level Five is normalizing or recognizing emotional reactions that anyone would have. Understanding that your emotions are normal is helpful for everyone. For the emotionally sensitive person, knowing that anyone would be upset in a specific situation is validating. For example, "Of course you're anxious. Speaking before an audience the first time is scary for anyone. Radical genuiness is when you understand the emotion someone is feeling on a very deep level.

    Maybe you have had a similar experience. Radical genuineness is sharing that experience as equals. Understanding the levels may be easy. Putting them into practice is often more difficult. Practice is the key to making validation a natural part of the way you communicate. Your best friend is upset because her husband cut up her credit card. She says he's treating her like a child and is so controlling she doesn't have room to breathe. When you ask her what his reason was, she says that she overspent or the fourth time, running the balance over the limit by buying expensive shoes and they were unable to pay the bill.

    How do you validate her? Remember to use the highest possible level. Think of your answer before you read further! Probably Level 2 is the highest level you could use. You could say, "I understand, you are upset because your husband cut up your credit cards without your agreement--that made you feel like he was acting like your parent.

    Level 5, normalizing, would not work because most people would agree his response was reasonable and not be upset in that situation. There is nothing to make her response more understandable in terms of her history, so Level 4 is not possible. Level 3 is also not applicable because she's told her feelings clearly--nothing to guess. Let's try another example. Jesse tells you she quit her job. She quit because her boss loudly criticized her in front of other people. She's asked him twice before to not embarrass her but he loses his temper easily. She felt afraid of him because he reminded her of a verbally abusive uncle and she couldn't continue to work for him.

    What level of validation do you use? Level 6 or Level 5 might work in this situation. If you have been in a similar situation or you really understand how she felt, you can validate her by saying, "I completely understand. I would have done the same thing. Level 5 would be, "I think most Bhabhis naked sexy kiss would have felt the same way you did. Always use the highest level possible. Level 4 would be to say, "Given your history of being verbally abused, I understand why you would quit. Joanna calls you and talks about her diet. She complains that she has eaten chocolate cake and other sweets and wants to eat more, but she doesn't want to gain weight.

    What level of validation can you use? Level 3 would be a good choice. Joanna didn't mention any feelings though she is eating for emotional What is validating. You could say, "Has something happened? My guess is you're upset about something. At that point you could use a Level 5 or 6, depending on how you feel about losing a pet. When Shawna was a teenager, she almost drowned in a large pond. She was a poor swimmer and swam What is validating further than she realized. When she stopped swimming, her feet couldn't touch bottom and she swallowed water.

    She panicked and a friend swam to save her. It can be fixed by simply reversing the order of the last two words so that the sentence reads "Chris ate a sandwich". But what happens if you write a sentence that says "Chris ate a pie" when you meant that he ate a sandwich? Syntactically, the sentence is correct, since all the elements of the sentence, subject "Chris"verb "ate" and object "a pie" are in the right order. Semantically, however, the sentence describes a different thing from what you meant. HTML and CSS validators are designed to catch the first type of error, exemplified by the grammatical error of my first sentence.

    However, it cannot catch errors of the second kind, where you get the spelling and order and all other technical aspects correct, but the code you used does not match the meaning you intended. Ensuring that your code does what you want it to do requires you to actually test it in a web browser. Depending on the complexity of your code, you may even want to test it with different browsers to make sure that your site looks the same in all of them, since it's possible that you are using features of HTML and CSS that are only implemented in some browsers but not others.

    While running the validator and getting it to validate your page itself will not be an issue since the W3 Consortium's validator is not only free, it doesn't even have to be installed to be usedthe problem comes when the validator checks your page and tells you that there are errors. If you have no knowledge of HTML and CSS, you will probably have some difficulty figuring out what those errors mean, whether they are serious, and how to fix them. Although there is no perfect solution to this, you are not completely without resources. If you are using an editor like Microsoft Expression WebDreamweaverBlueGriffon or KompoZeryou can usually assume that the code they produce on their own is valid.

    From my limited experience mainly creating demo sites for the purpose of writing tutorials or reviews for thesitewizard. This means that if you get errors when you validate your page, the problems must come from elsewhere. If you have inserted code that you obtained from a website such as if you have added a Youtube video to your pageit's possible that the code is the source of the error message. Alternatively, if you have modified the code on the page manually, the error may have crept in there. Having said that, sometimes the error is benign. As far as I can tell, for the most part, this kind of error does not cause any problem for either browsers or search engines. Another way is to search the Internet for the solution.

    For example, you can copy and paste the error message given by the validator into a search engine, and see if there are any websites out there that talk about this particular error. This may not be as fantastic an idea as it first appears, since their solution may be too general to be helpful for your specific problem, unless the error message is the result of your pasting code from some popular source like Youtube or something of that level of popularity. A third way is of course to ask someone, whether it's someone you know personally, or someone on the Internet.

    This solution also has its own issues, since you may get a solution that creates a bigger mess of your page than it had in the first place. It all boils down to their competence and willingness to spend enough time figuring out the problem. Finally, you can also ignore the problem. If you want to do this, you should test your web page in as many web browsers you can to make sure the error message does not diagnose a problem that causes visible issues. If you find that your site seems to work fine in spite of the error, you may decide to just ignore it and hope for the best. Although this solution is not ideal, you may be forced to take it if you can't find an alternative.

    It's not ideal because the error may bite you later when you least expect it, for example, when there's a new version of some web browser that chokes on the bad code. It may also cause problems in a non-visible manner, such as in the way the search engines index your page. How Often Should I Validate? Some people validate every time they make a modification to their pages on the grounds that careless mistakes can occur any time. Others validate only when they make a major design change. I always validate the template for my pages when I make a major design change.