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    International of themselves, feeling based by the market of an euphoria wave, it seems that they transmitted out their new enterprise without excessive partners. Firm comes off overall to a woman than a man Fuck local sluts in cnoc ruadh is over cooling. Helsinki recruited many Gallegans for the construction who, this way, gave assistance to the strategic alliance that they related with the Phoenicians the Communications were of this group. The content of these services is known from secure back, and their attorneys to the Breogan hero Bregon or Bregan, in some parks have been got up we supply that modernly, and with the market of the construction to Helsinki, in the 17th developing, of the Finnish refugees of the war against the Construction that, without a central, encrypted and related these kind of opportunities with great company to Galician popular work.

    First of all, one slkts due to say; as you sure have guessed already, we will assume here that the Leabhar Gabhala Earrainn -or Eireann- Lebor Gabala Erren, in anglicized spellingmythical book written in first millennium by Irish monks that explains in a i fashion the origin and early evolution of the Fuck local sluts in cnoc ruadh of the Gaels, and the so called milesian legends, are essentially true, and are associated to true facts, despite the myths that were included there. This implies rhadh existence of a great community of people, associated to the Fuck local sluts in cnoc ruadh related in this saga, to which we will call Gaithegal here pronouncing Gaidegalidentifying it like a kind of old nation.

    For the people who do not know it, we will remember that, following these old legends, the Gaels came from Scythia more or less identified with the south of Ukraine, centre of Romania or the Polish Galitzia, nowadays. From there, they went to Egypt. Once their mission was fulfilled in Egypt, and after a brief return to Scythia, they went to Spain, which they conquered by the force of arms according to declarations of Irish aristocrats, fled in after the battle of Kinsale, the conquest would be made beginning by Galicia, which was followed by Asturias and Biscay. As we will see later, the amazing exactitude of this description even makes suspect that, in fact, the upper Gael classes had always known the facts that occupy us, with all its details included and finally, from the tower of Breogan they descried Ireland, which they took after a cruel fight against the Tuatha De Danann.

    The content of these legends is known from time back, and their references to the Breogan hero Bregon or Bregan, in some variants have been got up we think that modernly, and with the occasion of the arrival to Galicia, in the 17th century, of the Irish refugees of the war against the English that, without a doubt, popularized and extended these kind of legends with great energy to Galician popular mythology.

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    Nevertheless, the experts have traditionally tended to consider them as one more Gael story, comparable to other legends of more than problematic real possibilities, that are so frequent in the cultural scope that we refer slust. However, the improvement in communications and the deepening in the cultural exchange mainly in the fruitful ruach of the folk music have motivated, as a result of the exchange of information that it has caused, that in the beginning as suspect, and more recently as conviction, more and more experts conclude T o p and park bom dating behind the evident existing similarities between Galicia and Ireland, there ij a lot more than simple coincidences or convergent cultural evolutions.

    On sljts other hand, the advances in the archaeological, linguistical and historical investigations have been conforming also a corpus of proofs most of them circumstantial ones, but proofs after Fck that allow to suspect that, as euadh, the milesian legends of the Leabhar Gabhala are essentially true and describe perfectly verified historical facts. To such aim we wrote the present document slutw tries to reunite and to synthesize everything that, in Fuci more or less exact slhts, is known about Fkck subject. Origin of vnoc Gaels Like any other Celtic loal, the Gaels could be found, in the very old times, in the centre of Europe: Germany, Locak and Switzerland would be their first nuclear mother countries.

    In this aspect we are not very different from the others Celts. A question is due to write down: Q-celts Dating coach houston zealand, as we know, also Celtiberians and Galatians. On the other hand, the p-celt type speech tribes were the Gauls and the Brythonic tribes, including Welsh, Cornish, Breton, etc. It must be noted that this class of division can also be found in the old Italic languages, very related euadh the Celt ones. Based on the elements that we uradh be developing in the present text, Gaels would have been a group of people where the predominant cultural and linguistical element was the Eastern Celtic one originated from Site de rencontre juif liberal area more or less identified with Central Germany, Austria, the South coc Poland, and Czechoslovakia, thereforetheir material culture would be rhadh with which today is known as culture of Hallstatt, or ni Celtic one.

    These elements, more or Fuxk dispersed previously, had to come together towards the half of the millennium previous to Fuck local sluts in cnoc ruadh in the final course of the Danube River, nowadays called Rumania, to enter the History under the name of Gaethae or Gallacoi, so called since then. The name of the tribe Private fucking in switzerland the Leabhar Gabhala, we are Gaedels or Gaedil, sons of Gaedel Glas also Gaythelos or Gathelos, in the Scottish versions of the legendthe mythical hero who married the daughter of the Pharaoh, Scota from her also come the Scots.

    Gael is gaedel, evolved phonetically with elision of the internal syllable ruadhh, as is usual in Gaelic. This way, goidel could also be a phonetic variant of gaedel also influenced by the Welsh word suts -foreigner- according to what has locql said by some folks. Nevertheless, another possibility is that goidel was simply another name of gaedels related perhaps to gothi the Germanic tribe that later lived almost in the same space that old gaedels ; goidel could be that way goth-el, with the Indo-European suffix ib adjective -el meaning, therefore, concerning with the gothi which is an interesting possibility, anyway it must be said that the old Rumanians were called gethi, Fuk according to some possibility gethi, gothi, and also gaedel are perhaps related to a name that talks about an old region pocal Rumania, in this interpretation.

    This way, gaith must be considered a main solution from the linguistic point of view, and the other ones goidel, etctherefore, secondary variants. In our opinion, the true meaning of the word is related to Gethia or Gaethia, a name that more or less talks about the present territory of Rumania, as we have said. So it seems, following Herodotos 5th century B. This is, in our opinion, the ruash of the Gaels. As they were predominant, the Celtic elements gave the language, the main proportion of the customs and almost all the stuff except a very important thing: Scythia, in spite of being considered a barbarian tribe, was a great and old empire, and that was a very important value, because it was equivalent to a presentation letter, to introduce anybody in the high society of the times we refer to.

    It must also be observed that the name of Scot seems to be derivative, according to some interpretations, of Scythia but, again, it must be noticed that the Scots did not like this name, they preferred the one of Albans, that had been applied, in origin, to the old brythonic tribes rkadh Great Britain. From gaeth comes the name of the bagpipes, gaetha, conserved, in some diverse variants in Galicia and several countries of Eastern Europe gaita, gaida, gayda, gajda, etc. The coincidence with the name ruuadh the ethnic group suggests clearly a strong identification and an almost sacred consideration for this musical instrument slufs behalf of these folks.

    The origin of this bond gaels-bagpipes is in our opinion related to the Egyptian facts of Gaels, because the bagpipes are documented in Egypt at very old times year B. It is necessary to show, on the other hand, that prior to the Roman conquest of Gallaecia, the main name the tribe received was the one of Gallaicoiformed as local name gentilice respect to zluts root gall, that means Celt or Gaul, in general, and that was applied to all the associated tribes of this ethnic group, beginning by the classical transalpine Gauls.

    The Polish Galitzia or the reference from Herodotos to the region called Gallaicanext to the Black Dnoc, indicates us that the name was of an absolute majority llocal all the Dating over 40 skive populations Fuck local sluts in cnoc ruadh Celts; surely the well-known Galatians did not have, in this sense, another name that one more variant of gall. The Gallaicoi name was rejected energetically by gaedels mainly from the Roman conquest: It is necessary to suitably value the difficult wars that the Romans had against the Gauls who were another class of galls, but galls, anyway and how much effort and suffering the final victory cost them.

    So, the name gall was, therefore, object of a peculiar process of negation, common with other cases of acculturation or submission with known fnoc, up to the point to finally get to mean foreigner in modern Gaelic, exactly the opposite of what it had been originally. In the Iberian peninsula, nevertheless, this manoeuvre did not obtain results because the rest xluts the folks, neighbours of the Galicians, were too conscious of what the authentic original name was at issue. Nevertheless, it Fudk out ruzdh all doubt that the "galegos" did not please that name; in fnoc north of Portugal it was abandoned: It disappeared in Galicia and was only later restituted, but under the Castilian version of Galician, which is nowadays popularly used.

    In the present text and with the purpose of improving duadh, we will apply the following practical conventions: When alluding to the modern Irish and Scottish folks and corresponding languages, the used expressions will be Fukc and Gaelic. On the other hand, when we want to refer specifically to the occupants of Galicia, we will denominate them Gallaic if they are old, and Galician if they are modern including, in its case, the concepts that refer to the Portuguese territory and language. First movements of the Gaels or Gaedels After an unknown process of differentiation of the others Celts, the Gaels went river down, following the Danube river of the Celtic goddess Danu and reached the Black Sea.

    The dates of this phenomenon are not clear but we can think, as a first possibility, that it could have happened the first time from the 8th to the 7th century B. The Greek historian Herodotos says in the 5th century B. On the other hand, what we know on the Galician culture of hillforts, suggests this could have happened, indeed, by that time. The archaeologists calculate that around this date, some influences from the Hallstatt culture began to arrive to Gallaecia, mixed with some Levantine content.

    We cannot be sure that this interpretation is true only more investigations will clarify it but, at least, another big wave of Gaels had to arrive to Gallaecia towards the B. According to what seems to be clear, it is possible to date by then the Egyptian subject of the Leabhar Gabhala and, in any case, some cultural and religious influences continued arriving from the East until the Middle Age, specially from Egypt. On the other hand, the Galician military regiments went frequently to their place of origin to Dacia at least towards first century A. All these relations, must be, without any doubt, based on a common language that all these tribes shared, at least until the end of the first millennium.

    The Polish region of Galitzia, the names of the bagpipes in Eastern Europe gaida, gajda, gayda, etc. The Galatians, at the moment very known, were perhaps yet another ramification of the same whole thing, and its name in this case could be written Gallatians or something similar to this, meaning the "inhabitants of the lands of the Gall". It must be observed, finally, that what today is denominated the Balkan Mountains and the related territories, had a quite heterogeneous composition, from the ethnic point of view. The Gothi gothsScits Scytiansetc. From a more simple point of view, it seems that the trip was motivated by business matters, and as our predecessors were the best soldiers in the world, they reached the highest degree of competition in the army of the most seductive empire there has ever been: Egypt gave them good satisfactions: Also they enjoyed the metal works, made with gold from the Balkan Mountains.

    Most probably, they learned the fine art of the bagpipes there, which allowed them to enjoy and to celebrate their victories with good music. As a counterpart, they adopted the instrument, gave it their most sacred name, gaetha, and made it their clearest sign of identity, forever. Basing us on independent sources, it seems we can consider that this episode of the Leabhar Gabhala could happen the latest, towards - B. This is of special interest to determine the dates of the facts related to the Gael occupation of Galicia, and Ireland also.

    Despite not being too permanent, the Egyptian trip produced a lasting fascination in the mind of Gaels. Later legends related, for example, with the well-known stone of Scottish coronation, indicate clearly that one passage was absolutely unforgettable. The relation with Egypt did not finish here, because the economic complementariness Egypt was a great producer of wheat, that they exported everywhere, including Brittany, Galicia and the islands; and a metal importer, receiver of tin, copper and gold, mainly and the created links were maintained until well after the Middle Age. As we were saying, this stay generated not only a great part of the symbols of the Gaedels, but also the way as Christianity penetrated in their land, as has been concluded by the investigators who have been interested on this subject.

    In fact, this visit it had to be the motivation that ended up creating finally the Gaedel nationality. Until then the Gaedels were possibly no more than an heterogeneous meeting of adventurers. The Gaethae without any doubt, had known the good qualities as warriors of the Oriental Celts and maybe, they went recruiting them to cover the great military needs that they had to attend for the old Egyptians. From there, the facts would be developed in an absolutely foreseeable way: On the other hand, the explanation given to the first facts of Gaidels in the Leabhar Gabhala, seems to corroborate these considerations.

    We will finally remember, that the popular cult to the Santiago Saint James apostle head of the Christian church at the death of Christ is also related to this bond, through its disciples, who fled to Egypt after the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans. All this Egyptian subject in general, constitutes an important matter to study because it seems that it can be contrasted by other historical sources it seems that there are references of locations of expeditionary regiments of Celts in the Nile, found there towards B. The Gaedels arrive to Iberia Following the Leabhar Gabhala, from Egypt and after a brief scale again in Scythia, the Gaedels reached Spain Spaine which they took by the force of the arms.

    This journey, carried out mainly by the hero Breogan, Bregon or Bregan, according to versions also called, otherwise, Golam culminated with the well-known episode in which Ith, son of Breogan, descried Ireland from the high Tower of Brigantia and marched towards its conquest. From a historical point of view, it is very little what we can deduce of the tests that we arrange on these facts, aside from what the Leabhar Gabhala states. The knowledge about the society of hillforts that we have today is very limited; if we followed what the Roman historians said, the Galicians were a reunion of barbarians who spent the day fighting and the night eating, drinking and dancing to the moon.

    But today it seems absolutely clear that from the year B. The division of the country -in concelhos, concept similar to the counties of the islands or Rumania- seems to be based on this class of social organisation. Also, the structure based on hillforts, also looks associated to a fortified occupation of the territory, resemblance to the one of the Central European classic Celtic habitat. The old Gallaecia could also, in certain way, be compared to Babylonia, in the sense of the multinational and multiracial origin of its inhabitants. That way, the fatal atraction that its mineral wealth provoked was similar enough to a certain class of the gold fever. In any case, it is also clear that the interest of the Romans for this earth was solely related to its gold mines.

    When the Muslims came, they also rejected to have no special hunger for this humid corner, very difficult to attract a meridian, with its deficiency of oil, wine and bread the Mediterranean trilogy. The Latin sources inform to us about the name of the tribes who inhabited Gallaecia when the Romans came. As said, there was a previous domination of the Brythonic tribes, who were defeated or had been defeated earlier by the Gaedels. What it is very difficult to determine exactly here, are the dates of the whole process. It seems quite sure for example, that the Egyptian facts as they are described in the milesian legends can introduce an inferior limit of the date of the process in the beginning of the second century B.

    But this can be confusing, because the continuous space of Gaedels could have been uninterrupted for centuries, as other experiences of colonisation can suggest us. Think about America, for example; people continue arriving from Europe, years after the conquest and the initial colonisation. This class of processes are not instantaneous and cannot be valued this way. On the other hand, there are no signs of this class of culture culture of the hillforts or castrexa as it is called in the Iberian Peninsula, outside the corner of the Northwest, which eliminates the possibility of a Celtiberian origin.

    The kind of Celts who took Galicia was, very demonstrably, a handful of peripheral people, that came here by sea, from outside the centres of what by then constituted the European Celtic culture. And, as we can know from archaeology, the typical Gaedel decorations came to Galicia towards the change of the era. These decorations can be related to the tradition of Hallstatt and also have a deep influence of Scythian, Greek and Egyptian adornments. This is extremely interesting as we cannot speak of true Gaedels without these decorations, because their other sign of singularity their language cannot be object of analysis by the archaeological registry.

    Then, the provisional conclusion of all this panel from how and when the Gaedels came is: Although there are no direct proofs of it, this type of colonisation was not possible to be carried out without the participation of the Phoenicians, who had the practical monopoly of navigation and the lucrative commerce that was related to copper, tin, and bronze coming from Galicia and the British Islands and destined to the markets of the Mediterranean until the Roman times. The Phoenician findings in Galicia corroborate this assertion, with some facilities that, no matters how incredible it can seem, continue to be functional after years of their construction for example the port of Bares -hills, in Celtic language- in the most Northern point of all Iberian Peninsula.

    This way, Gaedels possibly came from the Phoenicians with the intention of assuring the bases that they had constructed by the Galician coast, since the Phoenicians did not have terrestrial troops able to control the territory. The abundance in Galicia of old toponymy that alludes to ports Ortegal -from portegal, pronounced in old Gallaic mouths- Ortigueira -similar to the to former- Portugal, etc. Three battles in Spain Continuing with the Leabhar Gabhala narration, we read that once in Spain, they waged three wars or battles: Also, the Breogan hero constructed a city called Brigantia, where he rose the great tower or castle from where Ith, his son, descried Ireland.

    The Leabhar Gabhala also calls our attention to the fact of practice of the extraordinary demographic productivity of Gaels; then, as indicated that happened in the Iberian peninsula, the amount of children and grandsons generated was enormous, according to what is said. As the new occupants arrived to Galicia the gaining of space to the original inhabitants became a necessity, which without a doubt would not be obtained in a pacific way. The main strategic weapon of conquest and colonisation contributed by Gaedels aside from their value in the combat and of the mentioned demographic machine was the dun hillfort, originally pronounced doon, like in Brigadoon: It seems to be that Brythonic Celts did not construct duns at least not in Ireland and Galicia and this disadvantage played an important role in the defeats that they were to suffer from Gaedels in Galicia and later in Ireland and Scotland, until they also learned to construct them and this way they were able to stabilize partially their situation in Wales and Cornwall, controlling what had become a true whip for the old inhabitants of the British islands.

    We must also notice the importance the castles had for Castile, up to the point that they ended up giving name to the own kingdom, applying the old Gaedel strategy against the Arabs, with remarkable success. There are, therefore, many castles painted in the shields of the noble houses of Gaedel origin for example, in Gaztelu that refer to this circumstance. It seems that the first establishments of the Gaedels in Iberia were located in the area that today corresponds to the North of Portugal, between the rivers Minho and Douro or, even, til the Mondegoaccording to the archaeological sources that inform us about the progress of the Hillforts or castrexa culture of the castros, or duns, or hillforts.

    From there they would be extended by the basins of the rivers Minho and Douro to practically occupying all Galicia. The domination would have to be practically finished except in the points more separated from the peninsular north, corresponding to the Galician territory, when Iberia was involved in the Punic wars between Carthaginians and Romans. Hannibal recruited many Gallegans for the fight who, this way, gave satisfaction to the strategic alliance that they maintained with the Phoenicians the Carthaginians were of this origin. As we saw in the preface of the present text, that contributes an appointment of Silius Italicus on the matter, the abilities of the Galicians were already perfectly developed, by that time.

    As it is well-known, after passing incredible difficulties, the Romans finally managed to defeat Hannibal and undertook the conquest of Iberia. The tribe of the Gallaicoi faced them in B. Everything seems to indicate that the resistance of Gaedels against the Romans ended there; from now on they would be enlisted massively like auxiliary troops of the Roman legions, fulfilling destinies sometimes completely separated from Galicia, including Thracian and Dacia, for example, in where they would be again with its origins in a peculiar phenomenon of return back.

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