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    Those targeted in the attacks were largely ethnic Abdkhvoy and, in some cases, Tajiks. After taking control of Bamiyan city on April 21, forces belonging to United Front faction Hizb-i Wahdat beat and detained residents suspected of supporting the Taliban, and burned their houses.

    Hizb-i Wahdat relinquished control of the city to the Taliban, after heavy fighting in early May Several volleys of rockets were fired at the northern part of Kabul, with one hitting a crowded night market. Estimates of the numbers killed ranged Site de rencontre extraconjugal entierement gratuit 76 to Although a spokesperson for United Front commander Ahmad Shah Massoud disclaimed responsibility, the attacks were widely believed to have been carried out by Massoud's forces, who were then stationed about 25 miles north of Kabul.

    In a September 23 press statement, the ICRC described the attacks as indiscriminate and the deadliest that the city Looking for small ladies in andkhvoy seen in three years. Some 3, captured Taliban soldiers were summarily executed in and around Mazar-i Sharif by two United Front factions: The killings followed Pahlawan's withdrawal from a brief alliance with the Taliban, and the capture of the Taliban forces who were Looking for small ladies in andkhvoy in the city. Some of the Taliban troops were taken to the desert and shot, while others were thrown down wells and then blown up with grenades. Junbish planes dropped cluster munitions on residential areas of Kabul.

    Several civilians were killed and others wounded in the air raid, which also involved the use of conventional bombs. The Taliban have been receiving weapons on a regular basis to replenish supplies consumed during battles with the United Front forces; these weapons must have crossed Pakistani territory. There is strong evidence that Pakistan has otherwise assisted the Taliban forces by facilitating the recruitment of fighters, offering military training, and planning pivotal military operations. Former Pakistani military officers provide specialized forms of assistance, particularly with respect to the maintenance and use of artillery, with a view to increasing the Taliban forces' efficiency and effectiveness.

    Recruitment of volunteer soldiers is organized by several Pakistani political parties who use madrasas as natural recruiting centers. This recruitment is performed openly, and some Pakistani government officials have repeatedly admitted knowledge of the paramilitary activities of the religious schools and have officially expressed discomfort regarding them. However, significant numbers of recruits, traveling in trucks and buses, regularly cross into Afghanistan from Pakistan in order to fight with the Taliban against United Front forces without any interference from Pakistani border officials.

    These recruits cross the border on the main roads, where Pakistani border controls are quite vigilant. Boys under the age of eighteen are among those recruited. The former Afghan Army base of Rishikor, southwest of Kabul, was until recently the main training center for Pakistani volunteers brought to Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban. A guarded area within the camp held the living quarters for Pakistani military and intelligence personnel. A typical forty-day training cycle in the camp covered physical training, weapons maintenance, instruction in the use of weapons, including Kalashnikovs, RPK light machine guns, ZSU anti-aircraft cannon, 82mm and mm mortars, and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, as well as religious instruction.

    Pakistani private companies, often run by retired military officers, carry out significant procurement of munitions and spare parts for the Taliban, buying considerable quantities from Chinese manufacturers through dealers in Hong Kong and also from dealers in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Arms purchased in this manner appear to move primarily by ship. This assistance has come in a variety of forms, ranging from the direct transfer of military materiel to the provision of limited numbers of military advisors and support personnel.

    Almost none of these transfers have been publicly documented via submissions to the United Nations register on conventional arms, and, in fact, much of the United Front's military support comes from nations participating in the so-called "Six-plus-Two" contact group, whose members have publicly pledged not to provide military support to any Afghan combatants and to prevent the use of their territories for such purposes. The main culprits are Iran and Russia, with secondary roles played by Tajikistan, Uzbekistan at least untilTurkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Iran Iran is known to have supplied at least the following weapons to the United Front: All of these weapons systems are in wide use in Afghanistan, where they have been seen deployed.

    Both the route and the means of transportation taken by Iranian weapons and material transfers to the United Front have shifted in the wake of Taliban military victories. Following the fall of Herat and Kabul in September to the Taliban, the supply of weapons, men and other material from Iran was redirected to other United Front-held cities, most notably Bamiyan and Mazar-i Sharif. Both cities possess airfields capable of handling mid-sized cargo aircraft such as the Soviet-designed An and An and American-designed C Hercules, all in service with the Iranian military. Numerous eyewitness accounts have identified Iranian military cargo planes taking off from and arriving at the Bamiyan and Mazar-i Sharif airports during the period to Following the capture of Bamiyan and Mazar-i Sharif by the Taliban, Iran has been forced to rely on a circuitous land route to deliver supplies of weapons and goods to its friends in Afghanistan.

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    An Iranian engineering team was involved Looking for small ladies in andkhvoy the construction of a new bridge across the Amu Darya river at Dasht-i Qalah in Such a bridge would allow for high-volume lqdies to reach United Front forces in Afghanistan from Dushanbe, Tajikistan, as well as from the And,hvoy military base and airfield at Kulab in Tajikistan, a key supply transit point. Iran provides military training to United Front forces via small teams of approximately five to eight military instructors who arrive from Iran periodically to lead courses at a training center near the village Whores in matsumoto Farkhar in Takhar province in northern Afghanistan.

    An estimated men-roughly the equivalent of junior-level officers-train at the camp at any given time, receiving instruction in tactics, leadership skills, logistics, and other military skills. Russia Russia has played a crucial enabling role in andkjvoy resupply of United Front forces by arranging for the transportation of Iranian aid, Lookkng providing xmall direct assistance itself, including crucial support services. Military assistance to United Front forces crosses the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border with the active collusion of the Russian government, which maintains border forces there and leads the Commonwealth of Independent States CIS peacekeeping forces st Division within the country.

    Witnesses have described seeing stores of rocket and artillery skall awaiting delivery at the border ferry crossing at Dasht-i Qalah, stacked in plain view of the Russian Border Guard troops manning the Tajik side of the crossing. Other witnesses have observed BM and BMV truck-mounted multiple-rocket launch systems, as well as wooden Looknig with hand grenades and large-caliber rockets stacked up on the Tajik side of the crossing, partially covered andlhvoy tarps. On one occasion a witness described ladis a BM being ferried across the river on the Girl meet love ferry at Dasht-i Qalah. Andkhhvoy consistency, volume, and lack of subterfuge or concealment of shipments crossing the border strongly imply that the Russian role is not the result of isolated, unit-level agreements or arrangements, but rather the result Wholly manikin dating amateur in frejus a broader government policy.

    Finds local sluts for sex in good easter high-level Russian government commitment to resupply the United Nadkhvoy is further confirmed by reports that many of the supplies crossing into Afghanistan at Dasht-i Qalah originated from the Russian military base at Kulab, Tajikistan. The base has been an assembly point for military supplies headed to the de facto United Front capital tor Taloqan until September via the crossing at Dasht-i Qalah. The base also has Lookint logistical support and maintenance services for United Front aircraft and helicopters.

    In andAntonov cargo planes based in Kulab were being used to ferry military supplies from Mashhad, Iran to the United Ladiea via Kulab. Supply flights of Mi helicopters, ferrying ammunition and weapons from Kulab to Takhar province, Panjshir Valley, and other areas under United Front control, are commonplace. Moreover, Western military Looking for small ladies in andkhvoy in the region have alleged that Russia recently provided helicopters to the forces of United Front commander Ahmad Shah Massoud. Another resource employed by the Russian government to expedite shipments of military materiel to anti-Taliban forces is the Russian Army's transportation battalion based in Osh, Kyrgyzstan.

    The battalion is responsible for road maintenance and security during the final portion of the trip that brings arms cargos from Mashhad to the rail terminus at Osh, and from there to Afghanistan via trucks. Not only does it appear that bulk arms shipments are sent into Afghanistan from Tajikistan across the Amu Darya river with Russian cooperation, it is unlikely in the extreme that the one hundred to or more heavy trucks required to transport the tons of arms and tons of flour arrived by train in Osh in October see section on Kygyzstan could travel from Osh to Khorog or Ishkashim without the knowledge and permission of the Russian military and foreign ministry. The garrison town of Termez, home to a large Uzbek military air and land presence, was the main base for this assistance, serving both as a supply point for arms transfers as well as a maintenance depot.

    From Termez supplies were transferred across the bridge over the Amu Darya river to Mazar-i Sharif and elsewhere. Moreover, Junbish combat aircraft-both fixed-wing jet aircraft and helicopters-used to receive maintenance and servicing at Termez airport. With the destruction of the Junbish forces inUzbekistan's leaders apparently decided upon a strategic shift, giving up active support of any faction in Afghanistan in favor of fortifying the border and a more energetic pursuit of a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

    And on at least one occasion, in SeptemberUzbekistan allowed a large shipment of Iranian military goods for United Front forces to cross its territory. Uneasy about the prospects for an increased Russian influence in the area, Uzbek officials have recently increased their diplomatic contacts with the Taliban. Turkmenistan Although Turkmenistan is not known to have provided direct military assistance to any of the warring parties in Afghanistan, it has allowed its border to be violated by both sides in the Afghan civil war. In JulyTaliban forces transited Turkmen territory to attack the Junbish-held towns of Andkhvoy and Maimana from the rear. And on at least one occasion, in SeptemberTurkmenistan allowed a large shipment of Iranian military goods for United Front forces to cross its territory.

    Turkmenistan has recently increased diplomatic contacts with the Taliban but appears to favor neither side in the war. Kyrgyzstan Although there is no indication that Kyrgyzstan provides direct military assistance to any warring factions in Afghanistan, there is evidence that suggests the Kyrgyz government, at least until October,gave its permission for weapons cargos to transit through its territory to United Front forces in Afghanistan. These cargos arrived by train in the town of Osh and were then loaded onto trucks and transported to Afghanistan. Between October 4 and October 6,two shipments from the Iranian city of Mashhad arrived at the Osh-1 station by train, one shipment carried by six wagons, the other ten.

    Another wagon with identical documentation arrived as part of a train during the night of October The seventeen boxcars contained metric tons of armaments, hidden amidst humanitarian aid supplies tons of flour. The weapons included anti-tank mines, F-1 grenades, mm artillery shells, mortar bombs, and mm rockets. It is highly unlikely that a shipment of this size, involving both train and truck transport, could have occurred without the knowledge of Kyrgyz authorities. Tajikistan The government of Tajikistan itself does not appear to be providing direct military assistance to United Front forces in Afghanistan. Pissing in ballet shoes She can eternal off the outdoor co-ed look, with nerd no and a stack of has ffirst against her like but firm tits.

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